明升ms88平台手机的教育将推动你的儿子或女儿, 用与我们同名的方济各会修士的话来说, 迈向更伟大的事业. Roger Bacon was founded with a commitment to make the beauty of a Catholic, 寻求方济会教育的人都可以接受. We continue this legacy by working closely with families to make a Roger Bacon education affordable. 我们的学费是全市最低的, and by ensuring cost is never a prohibitive factor in attending Roger Bacon. 我们的报价超过1美元.5 million dollars in scholarships and financial assistance yearly to more than 90% of our student body. 平均每个学生的学费只有2美元,000, 明升ms88平台手机是这个地区最有教育价值的人.


学费 for the 2023-2024 school year is $10,200 before scholarships and financial aid are applied. A deposit of $300 is due with the registration paperwork by our enrollment day deadline of January 24, 2024来确保你进入2028届. Registration is not considered complete until the registration paperwork is completed and returned and the deposit is received. 还有一个 技术 每年400美元的费用,包括iPad平板电脑的费用, 配件, 软件, 支持和维护.

不收取额外学费 for students that are on Individual Education Plans (IEP) and require special education services and qualify for the 乔恩·彼得森奖学金 through the 状态 of Ohio.



1. Full Payment - Families may choose to pay the total tuition and fees prior to August 1 of the respective school year.

2. Quarterly Payments - Families may choose to make payments over four, quarterly payment periods. 的se payments are electronically debited from a designated account, 并将于8月份到期, 11月, 2月, 及各自学年的四月. Families may choose either the 5th or the 20th of each month for payment. 选择此选项无需付费.

3. Ten Monthly Payments - Families also have the option to make ten payments, 哪些款项会以电子方式从指定帐户借记, over ten monthly payments from August through May of the respective school year. Families may choose either the 5th or the 20th of each month for payment. 选择此选项无需付费.


For incoming freshman, 明升ms88平台手机 awards scholarships for academic merit based on the admissions test results, 小学年级 以及老师的建议. 这包括 学术奖学金 慷慨地给予在 排名前30% 高中分班考试. 明升ms88平台手机奖学金委员会将审查所有申请, 结果,记录和建议,以确定奖项. 单独的奖学金申请 不是必需的 的资格. 的se scholarships are FOUR YEAR awards that the student will keep during their enrollment at Roger Bacon.


明升ms88平台手机很幸运有很多慷慨的校友, 家庭, and friends that believe in the unique experience that is Roger Bacon, 并通过设立奖学金来致力于它的未来. Criteria for these scholarships range from admissions test results, 小学年级, 老师的建议, 还有招生论文, 以具体的标准,如小学就读, 性格特征, 还有课外活动. 的 Roger Bacon Scholarship Committee reviews applications of incoming freshman to establish eligibility and determine awards. 单独的奖学金申请 不是必需的 的资格. 的se scholarships are FOUR YEAR awards that the student will keep during their enrollment at Roger Bacon.


的se generous scholarships come from the Office of the President of 明升ms88平台手机, and are awarded to a select number of incoming 新生. 学生 奖学金是根据个人陈述颁发的吗 以及老师的建议. 此外,受助人还将见面 分别与 明升ms88平台手机的总裁每季度见一次. 单独的奖学金申请 不是必需的 的资格. 的se scholarships are FOUR YEAR awards that the student will keep during their enrollment at Roger Bacon.


Roger Bacon also provides generous financial assistance for those families with demonstrated need. Roger Bacon uses a FACTS application to assess need, and to grant awards. This application can be found below and is due along with the student application for admissions on 11月 20, 2023.



Roger Bacon continues to be a provider for the 俄亥俄教育选择奖学金 and the EdChoice Expansion program. Recently Governor Dewine signed off on legislation making every student in the 状态 of Ohio eligible for the scholarship, 根据收入水平. Below you will find a direct link to the Ohio EdChoice website where you will find more information on the application, 申请流程, 收入要求.



的 Jon 彼得森 Special Needs Scholarship program allows parents to select a private special education program for their child who is on an 等电位点, 明升ms88平台手机 is a proud provider of the Ohio Department of Education’s 乔恩·彼得森奖学金 Program.

的 Jon 彼得森 scholarships covers 100% of the educational costs at Roger Bacon.

Questions regarding the 彼得森 procedures, should be directed to the Ohio Department of Education 彼得森.scholarship@ode.状态.oh.us
and applications with proof of residency can be submitted directly to Roger Bacon Receptionist, Mrs. 米歇尔·布鲁梅特 mbrummett@qw888.net.



Roger Bacon is also very fortunate to have a thriving arts program, which includes the opportunity for incoming freshman to earn scholarships for their work in both fine and performing arts. 的se scholarships are one year scholarships, and the application details and criteria are below.

克利福德的 & Betty Dannenfelser艺术奖学金

We encourage 8th grade students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to win a scholarship for creating beautiful art.


  • 奖学金将在2024-2025学年颁发, 哪些只适用于九年级的学费.
  • 为了进入竞争, applicants must complete the following portfolio of works by 2024年1月8日:
    • 创建一个自画像. Portrait should be of your head and shoulders completed in pencil or ink. 绘制阴影.
    • 创建一个3-5个物体放在一起的图 集团. 仔细画,注意物体的大小,形状, 和声调. 给静物画上阴影.
    • 包括素描、油画(彩色)、拼贴画、 crafts (clay, fabric, papier-mâché) or small sculptures if available 这显示了你的个性 风格与创意.
    • 上述内容应在普通纸张上创建. 请不要用横格纸.
    • 请不要画卡通.
    • 工作应该是你最好的艺术作品.
  • 申请人必须携带上述作品集和一份完整的 application to the main office at 明升ms88平台手机 on or before 1月8日, 2024. 工作应放在马尼拉邮寄信封 或者纸/塑料组合.
  • 申请人负责领取他们的 明升ms88平台手机的作品集. 投资组合应该由 1月底 在罗杰·贝肯高中的主办公室.
  • 获胜者必须注册参加明升ms88平台手机的 2024-2025 school year and must schedule art for their freshman year. It 强烈推荐 学生每年至少选修一门艺术课程 接下来的学年.
  • 裁判对优胜者的决定为最终决定.
  • 只有获胜者才会在一月份得到通知.

如有任何问题,请联系Kelly Reinbach kreinbach@qw888.net.



Awarded to a student who generously shares of his or her talents in the performing arts while exhibiting the Franciscan value of HUMILITY.


  • 奖学金将在2024-2025学年颁发, 哪些只适用于九年级的学费.
  • 为了申请此奖学金,申请人必须 choose a concentration and provide a video audition of the following by 2024年1月8日:
    • 器乐演奏-两(2)对比 首选乐器的独奏作品. 每个独奏选择应该是明升ms88平台手机 长度1分钟. 视频不能是一个特色部分或一个 集团音乐会.
    • 声乐表演-两(2)对比独奏 带伴奏的乐曲. 每个独奏选择应该是1分钟 长度. 视频 不能是一个特色部分或合唱 集团音乐会.
    • 戏剧表演——两段对比鲜明的独白. 每个选择的长度应该在1分钟左右.
    • 完成书面申请
    • 如果你精通多种浓度 or multiple instruments; please share your talents with additional 视频和信息 -但要确保仍然包括上述内容 你的首选专业的最低要求! (ex. 两(2) 对比 单簧管独奏和第三个视频 playing piano; 两(2) 对比 monologues and a third video of a 一首独唱 musical; etc.)
  • 申请人必须将录像保存到闪光灯中 drive and turn it in, along with the completed application, to the Main 罗杰办公室 2024年1月8日或之前的培根高中. 的 flash drive and application should be in an envelope addressed to Joe 蒙哥马利 正面写着“表演艺术奖学金”.
  • 获胜者必须注册参加明升ms88平台手机的 2024-2025 school year and must enroll in a Performing Arts elective in 他们各自的 大一的内容. 它是强烈的 recommended the student take at least one 美术 elective each of the 在学校 年.
  • 裁判对优胜者的决定为最终决定.
  • 只有获胜者才会在一月份得到通知.

如有疑问,请联系约瑟夫·蒙哥马利 jmontgomery@qw888.net.